Irish Apps on Android

Just found a neat little cinema listings app on the android market from Damien Reilly called IRL Cinema Guide which actually includes all my local cinemas, great to see Irish developers getting interested in developing for android.  

Select your county, select your cinema.. get your cinema listing schedule for the current week. Option to call cinema if you need to pre-book tickets. – download links – developers site

Tried out NEXT Dart by Mercury Girl Inc, and even though its of no use to me living in the north of ireland its a very nice app, with great functionality uing the in built gps to locate your nearest station and also pulling in the twitter updates from the operator Irish Rail informing of delays etc. I wonder will the Northern Ireland bus and train operator Translink would move into the 21st century and release any form off app for their timetables. I might drop them an email.

Find out when the next DART train will arrive at your station in Dublin,Ireland.The application gives real-time information and timetables on all trains arriving in the next hour.NEXT Dart will also tell you where the nearest station is and guide you there with directions on a map.Travel alerts are also built in.100% Irish! – download links – developers site

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