My experience so far with Sweetcron

I’ve had Sweetcron installed on my domain for a couple of months, not really worrying about it but letting it run away by itself. It is billed as a host it yourself, very moddable lifestreaming service, e.g. FriendFeed on your own server with as many mods as you can handle. You can chose to use a ready made theme or customise one of your own, im trying a few out and seeing how i can modify them. Sweetcron brings together all your feeds from your postings on social networking sites. On mine it draws down my tweets, flickr, google reader, picasa, qik, vimeo as well as blog posts like this one. I haven’t worked out how to integrate my facebook updates as facebook withdrew the rss functionality from their site. Ive recently installed the Sweetcron Bookmarklet from¬†¬†which allows for quick blogging of any interesting stuff you find on the net. I’ll let you know how it goes soon.


Update April 2012 – The content from Sweetcron Bookmarklet site has disappeared.

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