Upgrading my HTC Magic to the latest Cyanogenmod and getting USB Internet Sharing working

After a week or two back on a stock vodafone Rom (to test out their android 1.6 build), i decided to upgrade my vodafone htc magic to the latest and greatest (and now fully legal) cyanogenmod.

This is only for 32B versions on the HTC Magic (check which version yours is here)

Firstly I’d advise you to back up your current phone state before you upgrade as everything will be wiped.


1. I already had the android sdk installed on my machine. you will need to get this to get the fastboot program.

2. Download a recovery image that features nandrid backup to the tools folder, I used cyanogenmod recovery image (link in point 11 below)

3. put your phone into fastboot mode (power phone off, then power back on while holding back button, three android on skateboards will appear) then connect via usb (fastboot usb should appear on screen).

from the command prompt

4. cd to the tools folder

5. fastboot boot cm-recovery-1.4.img

6. your phone will change screens and one option in the menu will be nandroid backup. run this.

7. reboot phone

8. make a note of all settings (carrier APN is the main one),

9. look in the market for apps to backup sms messages etc.

10. backup currently installed apps, I use Astro file manager.

***The crucial steps – i take no responsibility for your phone, you do this at your own risk***

11. Downgrade from android 1.6 (vodafone stock image) to 1.5 and rooting using the guide at cyanogenmod.com [at step 12 in the guide i needed to enter the download address for the recovery image, i used http://n0rp.chemlab.org/android/cm-recovery-1.4.img)

12. Flash Android 1.6 & then CyanogenMod 4.2.4 (using same guide)

Enjoy the magic. lots of new things to explore

Future cyanogenmod os and theme upgrades

For future cyanogenmod os and theme upgrades the CM updater app in the android market has worked flawlessly for me.

USB Internet sharing

My computer had problems finding the necessary drivers for things such as USB Internet sharing

I managed to find all the necessary drivers using those that come with HTC sync

a.) Download and install htc sync (i used the new 2.0.8 from here) KEEP PHONE DISCONNECTED

b.) Backup the drivers folder (C:\Program Files\HTC\HTC Driver)

c.) uninstall just the HTC sync component (there are seperate uninstallers for sync and drivers)

d.) switch on usb tethering on phone, SETTINGS/WIRELESS CONTROLS/INTERNET TETHERING

e.) plug in phone, when you do this the computer will search for the drivers and should find them automatically, if not point the hardware installer at the backed up copy of the htc drivers.

f.) in network connections a new connection will appear, disable your default connection (Local Area Connection) and leave the htc NDIS based device enabled (in my case Local Area Connection 3).

g.) in my browser i had to chage the proxy settings from “no proxy” to “detect proxy settings authomatically”

Test the connection. Success

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