Stall, Refresh, GO!

So development on my android apps slowed down/stopped for the past few months.  I got stuck on a certain feature that i’d been trying to integrate into the apps and the coding got put on the back burner.

Work, Life & adventures took over.  But im back.

After seeing how many installs my free “Northern Ireland Railways” android app is getting (nearly at 600, wahoo), I’ve now decided to set the “Belfast Metro” app to free as well.  I dont have figures, but im sure the number of people using the metro system in Belfast outweighs the number of people using the trains. Soooo. How many people will find the metro timetable app useful.

Just search belfast metro in the market or use this link to the app on the market website.

Anyway, back to the code.

Let me know how you find the app, and what you want me to work on next.


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