Glenarm River & Linford Water 31.12.12

A great new years eve kayaking the Glenarm River & its tributary the Linford Water.

Filmed on the GoPro and edited by me in the basic but very capable Windows Live Movie Maker

Still having some problems with condensation on the lense inside the casing despite using the desiccant inserts from gopro.  Have ordered a bottle of anti-fog solution to see if this makes a difference, hopefully the next video will have less blurred footage.

Additional awesome photography by Julie Crutchley. Great paddling with you Julie

Glenarm River & Linford Water 31.12.12

2 Responses to Glenarm River & Linford Water 31.12.12

  1. jim says:

    do you ever do any fishing

    • markvader says:

      Hi Jim.

      I’m afraid I don’t really have much time for fishing these days. I don’t think I’ll ever surpass the success of fishing in France all those years ago.

      I hope Jeannie and yourself are keeping well. How are all the M’s?


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